For those who wish to dial the Amazon customer care department, this Amazon contact number 0870 280 9334 is one of the best numbers to call. To find out more information Amazon please visit their official website you can find below.

Amazon Contact Number
0870 280 9334

Amazon Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9334
Complaints 0870 280 9334

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and it was originally an online bookstore. The company still sells a lot of books to this day, but they have expanded into a large number of other categories. The Amazon website was started in the United States but now operates in the United Kingdom and a total of 13 other countries all around the world. Recently they have launched a range of branded products such as the Kindle, the Fire tablet and the Fire phone. The Amazon customer service department can provide details about these products, as well as thousands more.

Customer Service

The Amazon contact number can be phoned for any queries that you may have. Customers will be put straight through to the customer services department when they contact Amazon using the number shown here. Even if the phone line is not open, help is available via email or social media. Customers may even be able to access help through the ‘Your Account’ section of the website, which can be found when you have logged into your account. This is the area where you can update your personal information and view purchase history, but this can also be done by calling Amazon customer services.

Some common reasons to call the Amazon helpline include:

– Questions about the products and services offered.

– Help with your account.

– Questions about third party sellers.

– Purchasing Amazon Prime or cancelling your subscription.

– Reporting fraud of any kind.

– Help with any technical issues.

The online message centre can also be used for Amazon contact through their website and this feature will allow you to email Amazon directly. You can view messages that you have sent and ones that have been received. The messages are also sorted by category so you can easily find the message that you are looking for. Customers can also email them from their private email address or contact them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Products & Services

There are thousands of different products that are sold on Amazon, and today, several different types of services are now available as well. Although there is still a large focus on books, customers can also buy clothing, electrical, CDs, DVDs, and more. As well as the products that Amazon themselves sell, customers are also able to buy products from other companies via the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Pantry is another service that is available that allows you to get groceries delivered to your door. Those who are interested in selling on the site should call the Amazon phone number.

Amazon can be contacted by phone and customer services will be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the products that are on sale on their website. There are very detailed product descriptions on the Amazon site, but if you want to know anything else then you can call the Amazon customer service number. If you are having trouble contacting a third party seller, then Amazon can provide you with their contact information or they may be able to answer your query themselves.

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers Amazon Prime which gives members free next day delivery on a large number of items. There are also a number of other advantages that Amazon Prime members can enjoy such as access to their video streaming service, rental of Kindle books and free music to download. If you want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership then you should do so before your billing date by calling the Amazon telephone number. Calling this number will also give you any other information you may require about the Amazon Prime service.

Refunds & Returns

If you find that you need to ask for a refund or arrange to return an item and if this is the case, then the Amazon help team will be able to help you with this. The representatives will be able to answer any questions you have about this process and will do everything they can to resolve the problem. The things that they can help you with include giving you detailed information about the returns process and any restrictions that are in place, letting you know how to exchange an item that you have been given as a gift, and providing an update on the status of an item that has been returned. Amazon customer service can also inform you about how long you can expect to wait for a refund.

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