For all who would like to call the Apple customer service, this Apple contact number 0870 280 9340 is one of the best phone numbers to call. To find out more information Apple please visit their official website you can find below.

Apple Contact Number
0870 280 9340

Apple Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9340
Complaints 0870 280 9340

Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world today. Despite experiencing early success, Apple ran into some struggles and this led to the dismissal of Steve Jobs. The shocking dismissal of Jobs did not stop Apple from further decline. Jobs returned to Apple with fresh ideas, and a determination to take Apple to another level. Apple’s resurgence began with Job’s return and sales from the revolutionary iPod. Apple continued to make exceptional strides when the iPhone and iMac hit the market. As a result, Apple is now one of the most influential companies in the world.

Customer Service

There are various reasons why you may want to call Apple support. Your phone call could be related to the iPod, iMac, iPhone, or iPad. It is imperative to mention that your phone call will be directed to an exceptional Apple customer service team. Each team member is prepared to address your problem or concern. Make certain that you have your customer details handy. This will help the customer service rep resolve your issue in a timely manner.

Of course, there are some primary reasons why you may need to contact Apple. Let’s take a close look at them:

-You are interested in buying one of their exceptional products

-You want to make a complaint about their service

-You have a question about a recent product release

-You want details on how to fix your broken item

-You want details on specific features of your product

When you call for Apple help, you will make first contact with their automated system. Apple’s automated system was created to send your call to the right department. Dealing with an automated system can be annoying, but it is vital for you to use it properly. Using the system correctly can help you avoid being directed to the wrong department. Exercising patience is the key to getting beyond Apple’s automated system.

Products & Services

Apple is recognized around the globe. This well-known company offers tons of different products for loyal Apple fans. Consumer studies show that Apple products are in high demand when they are released. It is fair to say that the iPhone is Apple’s most popular product. It accounts for many daily customer service calls. The company is also accustomed to helping customers that are experiencing a problem with their iPad via the Apple helpline.

Apple sells other products that do not get the same publicity as the iPad and iPhone, but are still amazingly popular. These include the Apple Watch, iPod, and iMac. Apple also offers the popular iTunes service. You can request support for iTunes by calling the Apple contact number. You should use the Apple support number for other problems, questions, or queries about your Apple products. Account assistance for billing, purchases, downloads, and more is always available.

Technical Support

Apple contact is recommended if you need product and technical support. If you have extra time on your hands, you may be able to start the customer service process online. Selecting the product you need help with, and clicking on some practical solutions may help you. Customers that have purchased a Mac computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and/or Apple display can receive free technical support for 90 days after the purchase date. Please keep in mind that online technical support for Apple products is available beyond this period.

The Apple customer support team will make an earnest effort to help you over the telephone, but there is a possibility that you may have to take your Apple product to an Apple store for repair. If this step is necessary, call the Apple number shown here and a friendly customer service rep will give you the address of a store in your area. You need an appointment to visit the “Genius Bar” for in-store service. An agent will set up a convenient time and date. The agent will give you detailed instructions on how to ship your product in for repair if there are no stores in your area.

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