For those who wish to contact the Admiral representative, the Admiral contact number 0870 280 9339 can be rung. To get more information about Admiral please check their official website you can find below.

Admiral Contact Number
0870 280 9339

Admiral Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9339
Complaints 0870 280 9339

Admiral is an insurance company specializing in car insurance coverage. They are based in the UK and in 2005 launched a new program to help auto owners with two or more vehicles receive a better deal on their auto policies. They have been in the insurance industry since 1933 and have been voted the Best Car Insurance Provider three years in a row by their satisfied customers. Admiral offers a variety of insurance products including; travel, pet, home and van insurance. For complete details on the available coverage options, call the Admiral contact number.

Customer Service

If you find a need for Admiral contact, you can call their office between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. They also offer weekend hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday. If you are calling concerning a policy you currently have with them, be sure that you have your account information ready. You should have your account number or reference number along with all of your personal information. If you are calling to ask about purchasing a new policy, they will need your; address, payment information, and car details.

Admiral customer services can also be contacted through their website. The website contains a lot of information regarding the products they have to offer. There is a ‘contact us’ area for you to email any questions you have regarding these products. A chat area is also available on their website where you can instant message a knowledgeable and courteous customer service representative with any questions you have regarding information on their site. Admiral also can be contacted through their Twitter and Facebook accounts if you prefer this type of contact.

Insurance Rate Quotes

Admiral support representatives are able to offer you discount rates when you talk with them about any coverage you are looking for. Calling the Admiral phone number and speaking with one of the representatives will provide you with a better quote on their rates and help you find the best policy to fit your specific needs. All calls to the Admiral Insurance number are handled quickly; they pride themselves on providing quick and efficient service to all their clients or potential clients. Admiral Insurance is based in the UK and India, therefore when you call, your call will be directed to one of these two offices.

Policy Options

Admiral offers you three different types of coverage for your car:

Single Car Insurance

Admiral offers a great deal for insuring your automobile if you are a single car owner. They have low-cost alternatives that are perfect for young drivers, those who own high-performance vehicles, or those of you living in the city. If one of these criteria meet your situation, via Admiral Insurance contact you can request a quote and find out how you can save up to 10% just by signing up for their coverage online.

Multiple Car Insurance

Admiral’s Multi-Car policy offers their signature product which will allow you to insure more than one vehicle through them at the same time. You can sign up more than one vehicle or add them one at a time when their renewal is up. This is a great product for those who live with their partner, child of driving age, or if another relative lives with you. Call or contact Admiral customer service to find out how they can save you money with their Multi-Car policy.

Temporary Insurance

Admiral has a policy for you if you are hiring a vehicle to travel or are allowing another driver to use your car for a specific time. Their Temporary Insurance policy works great for those of you who regularly hire cars as you are able to add a permanent add-on to your policy that will cover all these trips. If you are a current customer, call the Admiral Insurance contact number to find out more about this coverage and learn if it will benefit you.

Submitting Claims

Admiral prides itself on handling claims quickly and efficiently. Their record of being rated Best Insurance Provider three years in a row shows how satisfied customers are with how their claims have been handled. They have a record of over 85% of their customers receiving satisfactory service with just one call to their office. When you call their office to file a claim, you will need your account details ready so they are able to file your claim as quickly as possible. They have an emergency team ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you find yourself an unfortunate victim of an accident. One call to the Admiral Insurance phone number will get your claim filed and the process initiated.

Other Ways To Get In Touch With Admiral

By Post

Capital Tower
Greyfriars Road
CF10 3AZ

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If you want to contact the Hmrc customer service sales assistant, the Hmrc contact number 0870 280 9322 is one of the best numbers to call. To find out more information Hmrc please have a look on their official website you can find below.

Hmrc Contact Number
0870 280 9322

Hmrc Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9322
Complaints 0870 280 9322

HMRC, also known as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, is a governmental organisation that deals with many different monetary activities, like managing taxes and tax credits, supervising the minimum wage and providing financial benefits to those who are eligible. HMRC also manages National Insurance. When a question or issue arises about one of the services provided by HMRC, citizens should know that the organisation can be contacted whenever help is needed. When a call is made to the primary line, there are several questions to be answered that can help direct the call to the relevant department. Some of the most common reasons for calling HMRC or the National Insurance number are to request forms and ask general questions.

Anyone who has questions or concerns about the following should contact HM Revenue directly:

-Tax Credits

-Income Tax (Personal or Business)

-Self Assessment for Self-Employed


-National Insurance

-Child Benefits

Tax Credits

Many families who reside in the UK are eligible for one or more of the offered tax credits. One of the most common is the Child Tax Credit which assists families who are raising children. Another popular credit, The Working Tax Credit, is designed to help people who are working but are still earning a low income. Anyone who has questions about either of these tax credits, or other credits that may be available can call HM Revenue and Customs for assistance. They can help with eligibility questions and can also tell citizens how to apply for the credits they may qualify for. A representative with HMRC can also help those who currently receive tax credits ensure that they are renewed each year.

Child Tax Benefit

For general information on who qualifies for the Child Tax Benefit, online information is available. Parents and guardians may also call the Child Benefit number for individual information. It’s important that citizens know children must be under the age of 16 to be recognized. If the child is registered in school or job training classes the age of eligibility is raised to 20. Guidelines can be found online but a representative can answer any relevant questions parents may have about the credit. This may be especially true in circumstances where children are being raised by people other than biological parents or adoption cases. Representatives can help parents and guardians locate and fill out the needed forms.

PAYE System

Residents who have questions about the PAYE system can also benefit from HMRC contact and speaking with a representative. Individuals who are working for someone else, as well as those who are self-employed, may be able to get tax assistance. Eligibility questions can be answered over the phone. Employers and hiring managers may also wish to call for information on reporting procedures. Anyone who is unsure about their personal tax situation can call for help with general questions as well as more individualized services. HMRC tax professionals are available to consult citizens on their benefits and other tax related matters.

National Insurance

Premiums for National Insurance are paid by UK individuals so that they may later qualify for certain benefits like the State Pension. Each citizen who pays into the National Insurance program needs an insurance number for identification. Only certain people are required to make these payments and information on who is required can be gained through a phone call to HMRC contact number. Anyone who has recently relocated to the UK can call to get their personal identification number so they can begin paying into the system. Citizens can also call to speak with a representative about a change in their circumstances that may change their required payment amount.

VAT and Other Services

HMRC manages other monetary programs like environmental taxation, charity taxes, air passenger duties and others. Any citizen who has questions about any of these programs or others can find pertinent information on the website or they can call the HMRC phone number for individualized service. Residents who need to submit a payment to HMRC for any of the various services provided or the programs they are participating in may call a representative to find out information on the different methods of payment. It’s essential that anyone who is making a payment to HMRC follows the payment instructions exactly as stated so that payments are applied correctly.

There are many reasons an individual may need to call the Tax Office number. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is responsible for many of the tax and other monetary programs in the UK. A call to a representative at the HMRC can help with general information or specific help for many different tax related issues and other concerns. Representatives can be reached throughout the week and during certain hours on Saturday. The helpline is the most efficient way to receive help with any programs managed by the HMRC.

Other Ways To Get In Touch With Hmrc

By Post

1-2 Bridge St
Guildford GU1 4RY

Offical Website