For those who wish to get in touch with the EON agent, the EON contact number 0870 280 9326 can be called. To get any further information about EON please check their official website you can find below.

EON Contact Number
0870 280 9326

EON Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9326
Complaints 0870 280 9326

When it comes to supply of energy in United Kingdom, you can never have a complete list of the major energy providers without mentioning Eon. This firm is a leading enterprise serving over 5 million people and employing hundreds of thousands across England, Wales and other nations. Its ever-improving infrastructure and innovations meant at providing even better services besides working on reducing environmental impact.

Besides these measures, this company’s crew is working day and night to ensure that their customers are covered and served to satisfaction. This is based on selfless commitment to duty in service providing and taking care of any concerns arising. Here are few details about Eon services that can help you get a better insight of what you can get from them. Should you require more information than what is provided here, contact Eon directly.

Customer Service

As it is the case with many big companies, Eon has a number of platforms through which their customers can reach them in case they need help or have any complaint. These include an Eon contact number, social media accounts, and email. These communication channels come in handy for customers who are in need of help with a problem or in case of emergencies, those with enquiries about various services as well as those seeking services such as meter reading.

Alternatively, customers can learn all you want to know about the company from their informative website, where you will find everything about their services, terms and tariffs. Visit the website to get answers to many questions instantly. If the information that you seek is not available online, reach out to Eon customer services. Of importance to note is the provision that account holders can make use of their information technology in paying your bills and checking your due among other automated services.

Applicable Tariffs

Usually with service providers and especially energy providers, tariffs are the chosen system of service rates. For those who receive services from this company, information about current tariff options is always available. Prospective customers can call the Eon phone number to learn about the current options before creating an account. Most home services include variable and fixed tariff rates, wherein a contract can last either a year or two years. For aged residents who are beyond 60 years, it is possible to subscribe to a special fixed rate tariff.

Customers can buy energy saving tool kits if they deem necessary, and there is actually a loan to help cover costs for those who are struggling financially. Eon contact is recommended for those who are in need of financial assistance. Finally, there are also discounts that are made available under certain circumstances, including specials for new customers. To understand the concept of tariffs better, you may check out Eon’s website for further information, or call the Eon customer service team who can clarify any details on the subject.

Account Assistance

Account assistance is something that all customers may need from time to time. Outages and emergencies are normal, especially with energy services, and these can be reported by calling the Eon telephone number. Eon understands the need of this teamwork, which is why they have customer service staff on board to help their clients out whenever there is need. Local emergencies can be communicated through E.ON contact. Emergency cases are given priority, as are service outages. These types of problems can be reported 24-hours a day.

Moving Home

Some special cases, such as when you are moving to a new home, may require communication that is more personal. In such instances, call the Eon number to report the change through the customer service desk or by filling a special form to request a change. It is advisable that you report a move at least two days before, providing addresses to both your old home and the new one. Remember, it is also important to provide your meter reading, to be sure that what your bill due is sorted out before moving.

Energy is an inevitable necessity in today’s world. Eon understands that their clients need this important service. Moreover, the company is dedicated to serving their esteemed customers wherever they are, whether homeowners, business people, or enterprises. This is done with a main objective to ensure that every customer’s needs are met. This adds to their input into the society through offering massive employment opportunities to thousands of individuals. With their devotion to serve their clients and commitment to provide quality through building trust and reliability, it is no wonder this is one of the top six energy providers across Europe.

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British Gas

If you want to dial the British Gas service agent, this British Gas contact number 0870 280 9325 is one of the best to call. To find out more information British Gas please have a look on their official website you can find below.

British Gas Contact Number
0870 280 9325

British Gas Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9325
Complaints 0870 280 9325

As the United Kingdom’s top energy supplier, British Gas provides services for residents of England, Scotland, and Wales. In terms of market reach, the company, which has more than 28,000 employees (primarily members of the British Gas customer service team), is one of the UK’s largest. Currently, the company provides more than 11 million homes and businesses with electricity and gas. For more information on the services provided, contact British Gas.

Customer Service

Customers can reach the British Gas customer service department using a variety of convenient methods, including by phone, email, live chat, and even social media. Do note that some contact methods are faster than others. The company website also outlines information and facts that may provide the answers current and prospective customers are looking for. In addition, British Gas offers a webpage dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that includes answers to some of the most common customer queries and concerns.

When calling the British Gas contact number, customers can discuss:

-Electricity and Gas

-Account Information

-Products and Services

-Service Outages and Emergencies

-Boiler and Heating Cover

-Boiler Services and Repairs

-Energy Usage

-Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency

-Heating Upgrades


Both current and prospective customers are invited to call the British Gas number. HomeCare customers who are interested in learning more about what their plan insures or who wishes to set up a service appointment can also use the telephone number included on this page. British Gas contact through this number will quickly connect you to a customer service associate, though you should be careful to select the correct option when your call is connected.

British Gas’s standard business line hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, as well as Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm. The HomeCare contact number accepts calls 24/7, allowing customers to report service outages and emergencies any time of day or night, as well as any day of the year. If you smell gas in your residence or experience any other type of emergency, your safety is of the utmost importance. First, you should get to a safe location and then call the British Gas phone number.

Tariff Options

There are four energy tariff options for British Gas customers to choose from, including both variable cost plans and fixed rates. Variable plans bill for exact usage, while fixed plans provide a rate that remains unchanged for a certain time period. With variable plans, rates may change according to the price of energy. By calling the British Gas telephone number, individuals can request rate quotes and ask for assistance with making the most cost effective choice.

In recent years, customers who are trying to better control their energy usage and spending have been opting for pay as you go tariffs. A prepaid tariff is also available and allows customers to top up a prepayment card and pay in advance for their electricity and gas services. To submit a top up payment and prevent the interruption of your electricity and gas services, customers can call the British Gas customer services.

HomeCare Service

British Gas offers a variety of protection services against boiler breakdowns. In addition, protection can be added for:

-Central heating and air systems

-Home electrics



Customers can call the British Gas HomeCare contact number shown here to schedule their annual service visits, as well as one-off repairs and to request a replacement boiler or new boiler if needed. This number can also be used for any questions regarding accounting and billing or coverage levels. For support and guidance, HomeCare customers have the option of calling the British Gas customer services number. Doing this will put customers in contact with a customer support agent as quickly and easily as possible. To ensure you are connected to the proper British Gas customer service department, you should follow the directions provided when the call is connected.

In most cases, calls to the British Gas customer service number last 10 minutes or less, meaning customers should be able to schedule service appointments and receive answers to their questions in a timely manner. For British Gas customers, this is definitely a huge advantage.

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If you would like to phone the DVLA agent, this DVLA contact number 0870 280 9320 can be called. To get any further information about DVLA please check their official website you can find below.

DVLA Contact Number
0870 280 9320

DVLA Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9320
Complaints 0870 280 9320

As a driver or vehicle owner in the UK, one must register with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority, or DVLA, which is charged with the mandate of generating and keeping a database of all vehicle and their drivers in the UK roads. The agency deals with tasks such as licensing (provisional and driving), vehicle taxation, the issuance of road task discs, and the issuance of SORN certificates. For drivers who have questions or concerns that must be reported, DVLA contact is highly recommended.

Contacting DVLA

The DVLA customer service team consists of trained agents who are prepared to discuss the various topics which concern the use of public roadways in the UK. Some of the questions or concerns they can address include registering vehicle number plates, paying road taxes, replacing a lost or stolen driver’s license, and also helping individual change information in their driving license. Some of these things can also be completed in no time when you use the automated DVLA contact number.

Just to give a clue on what one should expect, see the following topics that can be addressed:

-Replacing or applying for driving licenses

-Changing information therein

-Ordering a log book

-Registering new vehicles

-Handling of vehicles that are no longer in use or have been taken off the road

If this is not enough, one can also refer to their official website where the DVLA has published their contact information such as email address and mailing address for certain tasks. But in most cases, issues are solved by calling the DVLA phone number in order to get connected to their automated customer service line. DVLA provides these features 24-hours a day to help vehicle owners and drivers seek answers on various procedures and requirements of the DVLA. However, in the event that you are not satisfied, you can always contact DVLA customer service agents who are available during business hours, from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

Payment of Road Taxes

The rules concerning payment of road taxes have since changed over time. Therefore, to be sure of how to proceed, one is required to contact DVLA for more information. Generally, if you are a lorry driver by profession, you are required to apply for a special digital driver smart card. If you are a seller of vehicles in the UK, you should make arrangements with DVLA promptly. This is very important because if vehicles are sold in the UK without first contacting DVLA, the seller will be responsible for paying any bills that the vehicle will incur, even though it may be in the hands of another person. This continues until the seller reports the transaction to the DVLA. So when you call them, you should be ready to hand over all details of the vehicle in question.

V5C Log Book

When purchasing a new vehicle in the UK, the V5C log book must be obtained. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle won’t be able to pay for taxes that are related with the vehicle in question. In addition to this, errors could emerge later on, and this could prove to be very expensive to fix. And you should never assume that this log book will be sent to you automatically upon acquiring the vehicle. One must call DVLA first. Also, take note that changes in your personal information is your own responsibility. So to apply for this log book, the vehicle owner must contact them by calling the DVLA number directly and speaking to their agents. The support team will facilitate the application process and also answer any questions.

Driving Licenses

Whether you’re planning to drive a vehicle or a motorcycle, you will be required to have a provisional driver’s license first. This is a requirement when learning how to drive or ride in the UK roadways. Individuals can also legally drive as long as you have a lawful license driver registered under their name. The law also requires that anyone wanting to ride a motorbike of up to 125cc should undergo a Compulsory Basic Training or CBT course. Call the DVLA telephone number to ask questions about motorbike licensing requirements.

After acquiring a provisional license, the next step is to take a driving test for a full license. In order to to acquire a standard license, individuals will have to pass both theory and practical tests. Call the DVLA helpline to have someone schedule these tests for you. This test does have a fee attached to it. In case you’ve paid for the test and are not able to make it for the test because of one reason or another, you should call the phone number for DVLA to request a refund. The same applies to renewal of driver license after every 10 years. A fee will be charged for this as well.

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