For all who wants to give a call to the Hermes service agent, the Hermes contact number 0870 280 9333 can be phoned. To get more information about Hermes please check their official website you can find below.

Hermes Contact Number
0870 280 9333

Hermes Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9333
Complaints 0870 280 9333

Despite being a German delivery company, Hermes is an enormous presence in the UK, delivering approximately 200 million parcels each year. In the UK, My Hermes has a network of more than 3,500 pickup locations and is planning to add another 1,000 locations in the future. These pickup locations vary greatly and include petrol stations, local supermarkets, and shopping centres, which means it is almost always possible to call the Hermes contact number to find a My Hermes Parcel Shop near you. If you cannot find a shop, you can opt to use their standard parcel delivery, which will deliver your parcel directly to your door.

Customer Service

​From inquiring about lost or undelivered parcels to rescheduling deliveries, there are a number of reasons why someone would want to contact Hermes. In order to accommodate their customer’s need for assistance, the My Hermes contact number accepts calls Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm. If you call during these hours, you will reach a live Hermes customer service agent.

​By calling the Hermes phone number, you will have access to an agent who can assist you with:

-Accounts and billing

-Orders placed over the phone

-Courier contact details

-Missing or damaged parcels

-General enquiries regarding sending and receiving parcels

-My Hermes concerns/complaints

In addition to using the Hermes delivery contact number, customers can reach Hermes through several other methods, including web chat, which is available on the company website during the same hours the contact line is open. Customers can also use email to submit the provided form and wait for a response. A final option is using Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites to contact the company. The company usually responds within a few hours.

Delivery Services

​Hermes offers a number of different delivery options. Standard delivery typically takes between two to three days to be processed, shipped, and received. Individuals or businesses that need their parcel sooner can opt for next-day delivery. A final option is referred to as stated-day delivery, which allows the sender to be assured the package will arrive on a specific day. This is a great option for birthdays and anniversaries. Hermes contact is recommended for scheduling advanced deliveries.

For a parcel to be delivered through secure delivery service, it will need to meet one of three conditions. One, it can be delivered to a neighbour who signs the delivery confirmation. Two, it can be delivered directly to the household, where someone in the home will be responsible for signing. The third, and most secure, option is to deliver the parcel only after a recipient has validated a PIN code. This option is ideal for someone who needs to send sensitive documents or other private materials that are intended to remain confidential. All of these options can be delivered using the delivery speeds discussed above.

Business Shipping

​Any business owner who is searching for affordable shipping solutions should initiate My Hermes contact to learn about the special perks the company offers to owners, especially if they will be shipping a large number of parcels each week. Amazon and eBay sellers also qualify for some special advantages that make it much easier to manage the shipping aspect of their business. You can speak with an agent in the sales department by calling the Hermes contact number. The agent will be able to provide details regarding what advantages and perks the company can offer you based on your situation.


​While the company is dedicated to handling parcels/ deliveries with the utmost care, there may be occasions when something goes wrong. If you have a complaint, you can contact the customer service department by calling the Hermes telephone number to reach a trained staff member who will work to handle your complaint efficiently. If this isn’t possible, you can contact the company via email or web chat using the company’s official website. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is handled, you can escalate your complaint to the My Hermes customer relations team. The team will make every effort to respond to your complaint within 5 days of receiving your email.

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