For those who wish to get in touch with the Argos customer service, this Argos contact number 0870 280 9344 is one of the best telephone numbers to call. To get any further information about Argos please have a look on their official website you can find below.

Argos Contact Number
0870 280 9344

Argos Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9344
Complaints 0870 280 9344

Since being founded in 1972, Argos has become one of the most popular stores on the UK high street. The products that it sells are high quality but also very affordable. It is well known for its catalogue which features all of its products. Customers can buy products online from Argos own website and also on eBay. The revenue of the company has reached £4.2 billion in recent years. Those who have any questions about the products or services on offer can call the Argos phone number to speak with a support agent.

Customer Service

There are many reasons why you might need to contact Argos. You may have a question about a specific item or you may want to make a complaint. Whatever the reason you need to contact them, calling the Argos customer service contact number is usually the most efficient method. You will find the number you are looking for easily on this page, which will put you in touch with the right person to provide assistance.

There are many reasons to call the Argo number for support, including:

– Finding out information about a specific item and ordering this item if required.

– Making a complaint about an aspect of service that you have received.

– Finding out when an item you have ordered will be delivered.

– Submitting a complaint or reporting service problems.

Many people find that the level of customer service that you will receive from an Argos customer services representative is very good and that their queries get resolved quickly.

Products & Services

If you have a range of different items to purchase, then Argos is a good choice because you are able to buy all of these items from the one place. Their prices are also very reasonable which means you won’t be paying more than you need to for the items that you want to buy. The items that they sell include electrical items, toys, furniture and clothing. Although there is a good choice of items available in store, you will find a wider selection online. Argos contact is recommended for those who have questions about specific products.

The Argos customer service number can be used to call and speak with someone who can help you find the item you are looking. Argos maintains a large number of products in their database and it can take a lot of time to go through the catalogue to find what you are looking for. Customer services will be able to find exactly what it is you are looking for and point you in the right direction to find it in the catalogue or on their website. Simply call the Argo order line for help or to place an order.

Argos Card

The Argos Card allows you to make purchases from Argos and then pay for them at a later date. It works in the same way as a credit card but it can only be used in Argos stores. If you have a card already then you can call the Argo contact number for any balance enquiries and to make a payment. If you see a transaction on your statement that you do not recognise, then you should contact customer services immediately to find out what this charge is. Customer services can also help you with a number of other things such as explaining fees and interest rates, providing details of any special offers that you are entitled to and let you know the status of a credit application that you have made.

Argos Complaints

If you order any item online or a large item from a store, then it will be delivered to you at home. Once you have made the purchase you will be given a delivery slot. In the majority of cases, these deliveries are made on time but sometimes things can go wrong and your item may be delivered late. If this happens to you, then you should call the Argos customer services contact number as they may be able to track the parcel and let you know when it will be delivered. In some cases, you may be offered a refund of any delivery charges that you have paid.

If you have a complaint about any other aspect of the service that you have received from Argos, then this should also be made over the phone. This gives the Argos customer service agent the opportunity to resolve the issue, and if they can’t then this can be passed on to someone who may be able to help you. Some people find that posting on social media is a good way to get their complaint resolved because companies do not like getting bad publicity and so this may be an option if your Argos complaints are not resolved to your satisfaction.

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For all who would like to call the Apple customer service, this Apple contact number 0870 280 9340 is one of the best phone numbers to call. To find out more information Apple please visit their official website you can find below.

Apple Contact Number
0870 280 9340

Apple Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9340
Complaints 0870 280 9340

Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world today. Despite experiencing early success, Apple ran into some struggles and this led to the dismissal of Steve Jobs. The shocking dismissal of Jobs did not stop Apple from further decline. Jobs returned to Apple with fresh ideas, and a determination to take Apple to another level. Apple’s resurgence began with Job’s return and sales from the revolutionary iPod. Apple continued to make exceptional strides when the iPhone and iMac hit the market. As a result, Apple is now one of the most influential companies in the world.

Customer Service

There are various reasons why you may want to call Apple support. Your phone call could be related to the iPod, iMac, iPhone, or iPad. It is imperative to mention that your phone call will be directed to an exceptional Apple customer service team. Each team member is prepared to address your problem or concern. Make certain that you have your customer details handy. This will help the customer service rep resolve your issue in a timely manner.

Of course, there are some primary reasons why you may need to contact Apple. Let’s take a close look at them:

-You are interested in buying one of their exceptional products

-You want to make a complaint about their service

-You have a question about a recent product release

-You want details on how to fix your broken item

-You want details on specific features of your product

When you call for Apple help, you will make first contact with their automated system. Apple’s automated system was created to send your call to the right department. Dealing with an automated system can be annoying, but it is vital for you to use it properly. Using the system correctly can help you avoid being directed to the wrong department. Exercising patience is the key to getting beyond Apple’s automated system.

Products & Services

Apple is recognized around the globe. This well-known company offers tons of different products for loyal Apple fans. Consumer studies show that Apple products are in high demand when they are released. It is fair to say that the iPhone is Apple’s most popular product. It accounts for many daily customer service calls. The company is also accustomed to helping customers that are experiencing a problem with their iPad via the Apple helpline.

Apple sells other products that do not get the same publicity as the iPad and iPhone, but are still amazingly popular. These include the Apple Watch, iPod, and iMac. Apple also offers the popular iTunes service. You can request support for iTunes by calling the Apple contact number. You should use the Apple support number for other problems, questions, or queries about your Apple products. Account assistance for billing, purchases, downloads, and more is always available.

Technical Support

Apple contact is recommended if you need product and technical support. If you have extra time on your hands, you may be able to start the customer service process online. Selecting the product you need help with, and clicking on some practical solutions may help you. Customers that have purchased a Mac computer, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and/or Apple display can receive free technical support for 90 days after the purchase date. Please keep in mind that online technical support for Apple products is available beyond this period.

The Apple customer support team will make an earnest effort to help you over the telephone, but there is a possibility that you may have to take your Apple product to an Apple store for repair. If this step is necessary, call the Apple number shown here and a friendly customer service rep will give you the address of a store in your area. You need an appointment to visit the “Genius Bar” for in-store service. An agent will set up a convenient time and date. The agent will give you detailed instructions on how to ship your product in for repair if there are no stores in your area.

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Tv Licence

If you wish to give a call to the Tv Licence customer service sales assistant, the Tv Licence contact number 0870 280 9335 can be used. To find out more about Tv Licence please have a look on their official website you can find below.

Tv Licence Contact Number
0870 280 9335

Tv Licence Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9335
Complaints 0870 280 9335

If you currently make use of any device that receives a TV signal in the UK, then you must have a TV Licence. This is a legal requirement if you have a device where you can watch or record live TV. This equipment includes TV sets but also digital set top boxes, gaming consoles and smartphones. If you have any questions about licence requirements or costs, then you should call the TV Licence number listed here and speak to a representative.

Customer Service

Only one TV Licence is needed per household and everyone in the home will be covered by the one licence. If you need to purchase a licence, this can be done over the phone by calling the TV Licence contact number. An advisor will be able to help you set up an arrangement to pay your TV Licence and they will be able to ensure that your home is covered by a current TV Licence. The helpline is open between 8:30 and 18:30 Monday to Friday, and between 8:30 and 13:00 on Saturday. The contact number is not available on Sundays or bank holidays.

If you have any questions regarding your TV Licence, calling the TV Licence phone number is the best way to get information. You are able to send an email, but this means that you could be waiting some time for a reply. There is a ‘Contact Us’ section on the website where you can send your email from. You can also write to them at their postal address, but this may mean that your reply is even slower.

Payment Options

There are a number of different options for paying for your licence and through TV Licence contact you can find out exactly what these are. You can pay for your licence in full, or you can choose to split the payments over the year on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. The agent that you speak to will be able to take your payment if you want to pay for the full year, or set up a payment schedule if you wish to make smaller regular payments. They can set up direct debit payments or issue you with a payment card.

Moving Home

If you move house then you do not usually need to buy a new licence, your existing one can be transferred to your new property. However, in order to ensure that you still remain covered, you need to call the TV Licence telephone number to inform them that you have moved so that they make sure that this transfer has taken place. If you do not make sure that you are covered in your new property, then you could get a visit from an inspector and this can lead to you receiving a fine. A change of address can be reported when you call TV Licence.

Special Circumstances

A subsidy is available to people aged 74 and over. You may also get a discount if you are a student, visually impaired, a member of the armed forces or a patient in a care home. Most people will also receive a discount on a second home. You will be able to find out exactly what you are entitled to by calling the phone number for TV Licence. This can help to ensure that you are not paying any more than you need to. Different tariffs may apply if you need a licence for a commercial property; therefore it is also a good idea to check that you are paying the right amount before you make a purchase.

Even though people do not always agree with the TV Licence, it is a legal requirement to have one. You can face a large fine if you are caught using a TV when you do not have a licence so it always better to have one. Another alternative is to only watch catch-up TV as you don’t need a licence for this as long as you are not watching anything live. Catch-up TV is available on a number of devices such as gaming consoles and tablets. If you are unsure of the rules then you can call the contact number for TV Licence and they will be able to advise you.

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For those who wish to dial the Amazon customer care department, this Amazon contact number 0870 280 9334 is one of the best numbers to call. To find out more information Amazon please visit their official website you can find below.

Amazon Contact Number
0870 280 9334

Amazon Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9334
Complaints 0870 280 9334

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and it was originally an online bookstore. The company still sells a lot of books to this day, but they have expanded into a large number of other categories. The Amazon website was started in the United States but now operates in the United Kingdom and a total of 13 other countries all around the world. Recently they have launched a range of branded products such as the Kindle, the Fire tablet and the Fire phone. The Amazon customer service department can provide details about these products, as well as thousands more.

Customer Service

The Amazon contact number can be phoned for any queries that you may have. Customers will be put straight through to the customer services department when they contact Amazon using the number shown here. Even if the phone line is not open, help is available via email or social media. Customers may even be able to access help through the ‘Your Account’ section of the website, which can be found when you have logged into your account. This is the area where you can update your personal information and view purchase history, but this can also be done by calling Amazon customer services.

Some common reasons to call the Amazon helpline include:

– Questions about the products and services offered.

– Help with your account.

– Questions about third party sellers.

– Purchasing Amazon Prime or cancelling your subscription.

– Reporting fraud of any kind.

– Help with any technical issues.

The online message centre can also be used for Amazon contact through their website and this feature will allow you to email Amazon directly. You can view messages that you have sent and ones that have been received. The messages are also sorted by category so you can easily find the message that you are looking for. Customers can also email them from their private email address or contact them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Products & Services

There are thousands of different products that are sold on Amazon, and today, several different types of services are now available as well. Although there is still a large focus on books, customers can also buy clothing, electrical, CDs, DVDs, and more. As well as the products that Amazon themselves sell, customers are also able to buy products from other companies via the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Pantry is another service that is available that allows you to get groceries delivered to your door. Those who are interested in selling on the site should call the Amazon phone number.

Amazon can be contacted by phone and customer services will be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the products that are on sale on their website. There are very detailed product descriptions on the Amazon site, but if you want to know anything else then you can call the Amazon customer service number. If you are having trouble contacting a third party seller, then Amazon can provide you with their contact information or they may be able to answer your query themselves.

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers Amazon Prime which gives members free next day delivery on a large number of items. There are also a number of other advantages that Amazon Prime members can enjoy such as access to their video streaming service, rental of Kindle books and free music to download. If you want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership then you should do so before your billing date by calling the Amazon telephone number. Calling this number will also give you any other information you may require about the Amazon Prime service.

Refunds & Returns

If you find that you need to ask for a refund or arrange to return an item and if this is the case, then the Amazon help team will be able to help you with this. The representatives will be able to answer any questions you have about this process and will do everything they can to resolve the problem. The things that they can help you with include giving you detailed information about the returns process and any restrictions that are in place, letting you know how to exchange an item that you have been given as a gift, and providing an update on the status of an item that has been returned. Amazon customer service can also inform you about how long you can expect to wait for a refund.

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For all who wants to call the Ebay customer service account representative, the following Ebay contact number 0870 280 9332 can be rung. To get any further information about Ebay please have a look on their official website you can find below.

Ebay Contact Number
0870 280 9332

Ebay Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9332
Complaints 0870 280 9332

eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world and has come a long way since it was first founded by Pierre Omidyar in September 1995. The platform allows all kinds of products to be bought and sold by businesses and individuals. It is a very accessible website that is fun to use. There are hardly any limitations on the things that can be sold and goods can be sold new or second hand, but there are of course rules and regulations in place to make buying and selling a safe experience. Phone the eBay contact number to learn more about these.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about buying or selling an item on eBay or if there is a problem with your account, then you can call the eBay customer service number for help. The helpline is open between 8:00am and 10:00pm Monday to Friday and between 9:00am and 6:00pm on the weekend. There is also an online answer centre which can help with the most common queries, and community help boards are also available. The online chat feature on the website is open daily between 6:00am and 12:00am.

There are a number of things that eBay customer service can help you with and these include:

-How to purchase an item through auction or Buy It Now.

-How to pay for an item that you have purchased.

-How to leave feedback for the seller.

-How to handle returns and refunds, and what shipping information you will need to provide.

Selling Products On eBay

If you have some unwanted items, then selling them on eBay can be a great way to raise some extra funds. Before you list your items for sale it is always worth researching how popular similar items are and the prices that they have sold for. This can also give you valuable information about other aspects of selling such as how much you should charge for postage and packaging and the best way to advertise your product. If you still have further questions after you have carried out this research, then you can contact eBay and they will be able to offer you some advice and guidance.

eBay customer support will also be able to provide you with more information if you are a business seller. If you register as a business seller then you may be entitled to certain discounts and you will also be able to display your business contact details on your listings. Customer services will be able to discuss all of this with you in more detail and will also be able to offer advice about tax advantages that may be available to you.

Buying Products On eBay

Thousands of people everyday use eBay to buy a wide range of products including cosmetics, clothing, garden furniture and electrical items. These items are often very affordable because the seller has less overhead than if they were selling these items from a shop. You may be able to purchase brand new items that were unwanted gifts for a very reasonable price. If you have any questions about buying goods, dial the eBay phone number to contact customer services.

You will need to register for an eBay account before you are able to make a purchase. This is a very straightforward step by step process but if you do encounter any difficulties, then you can use eBay contact to call the customer services number for assistance. Once you have registered then you can go ahead and start buying. You may do this by participating in an auction, or you may choose to buy an item that has been advertised for a fixed price.


eBay wants to make the buying and selling process as easy as possible for all of their customers. However, in some cases the process of buying from eBay may encounter some problems. Buyers are protected because their money will be refunded by the eBay help team if the seller has not met the terms and conditions which the site sets down. These standards can be found on the website, or you can call the eBay telephone number to find out more about them.

If you have received an item that is not what was described or you just have not received anything from the seller, then you should open a ‘request’ which will give the seller a chance to respond. If you do not receive a response or you cannot come to an amicable agreement then you can ask eBay to get involved by calling the eBay customer service phone number or reporting the issue on the website. The request then becomes a ‘case’ and if it can still not be resolves then it will be thoroughly reviewed via eBay or PayPal.

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If you would like to call the o2 service consultant, the following o2 contact number 0870 280 9330 is one of the best numbers to call. To get any further information about o2 please check their official website you can find below.

o2 Contact Number
0870 280 9330

o2 Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9330
Complaints 0870 280 9330

Mobile network provider O2 is one of the most prominent businesses within the United Kingdom. This is a company that dates back to 1985 and originated as a joint venture between the Securicor and BT Group companies. In 2005, the company was sold to the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica and it was sold to Hutchison Whampoa in 2015. As such, this is a company that has changed ownership substantially over the past thirty years, and they have been changed by the transitions in modern technology. O2 focuses on their Wi-Fi and 4G networks more often these days. For more information on the services offered, contact O2.

Customer Service

O2 places a great deal of emphasis on customer service. They have some outsourced customer support, but O2 customer service is primarily based in the United Kingdom. People can call the O2 helpline in order to communicate with the support team. Anyone who is speaking to an O2 customer service representative should have the customer agreement or customer number close by in order to make sure that there isn’t going to be any miscommunication on the other line and that they have all of the necessary information. There’s going to be an identification process over the phone, and people should know the answers to these questions, or they should have something written down that has all of the required information.

There are lots of different reasons why someone might need to call the O2 contact number, including:

– The payment of a bill

– Questions about a disconnected network

– Switching to another network

– Concerns about the service

– Making upgrades to a contract or new phone

There is an automated system for all people calling the O2 number, but most people aren’t going to be stuck in this part of the process for very long. People who call O2 customer services during peak hours are going to struggle more when it comes to getting a customer service representative on the line. Evenings and weekends contain the most peak hours, but the early mornings are usually going to be the better time to call.

O2 Services

O2 is a company that literally has millions of customers. O2 customers can purchased Wi-Fi services, 3G, pay-as-you-go-headsets, 4G LTE, and pay monthly phones and tablet computers. Anyone who has questions about his or her account or who wants to get support can call O2 at the O2 customer service number. Agents can answer questions about the available services and can also provide information with regards to rates and special discounted pricing.

Changes & Upgrades

Some contracts allow people to upgrade to newer models or just change a phone in general. Calling the O2 phone number should be enough to allow people to start the process to get all of those necessary changes made. People should have access to their ‘My O2’ username and password information and have an O2 mobile phone number with them as well. This will make the process of O2 contact go quickly and smoothly.

There are lots of different handsets available for the people who are interested in owning a mobile phone. Customers should call O2 right away if they are interested in making inquiries about their plans or if they want to know if they can make an upgrade. People who can make an upgrade should call the O2 help number. A change in tariff could bring with it the ability to get a replacement phone for free or at a discounted rate.

O2 Complaints

Calling the O2 phone for support and voicing concerns is common, and it might be the first step towards getting everyone on the same page. Some people might need to ask to speak to the manager directly, since that is certainly not going to be the first person on the line. Some complaints really are going to require the manager and not the first person on the line, who is usually going to be a person trained to handle many of the most basic complaints and concerns. Some people write to O2 instead to make their complaints, using a delivery method that necessitates a signature. If the complaint has been handled in some unsatisfactory way, the Ombudsman can look into it.

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If you want to contact the EE agent, this EE contact number 0870 280 9323 is one of the best numbers to call. To find out more about EE please check their official website you can find below.

EE Contact Number
0870 280 9323

EE Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9323
Complaints 0870 280 9323

EE, one of the largest mobile networks in the UK, is centered in Hatfield. The company was founded in 2010 and they currently have over 28 million customers. They are also the biggest internet service provider in the UK. EE began as a joint venture between the two popular mobile companies, Orange and T-Mobile. Anyone who is in the UK and is looking for mobile service with a great 4G network can call EE customer service or visit one of their 600 stores located throughout the UK for further information on available plans and rates.

EE Customer Services

Individuals who are considering signing up for EE services can call the EE contact number to find out what plans are available for their specific needs. A representative can provide information on current promotions, discounts and devices to help customers make the best choice. EE carries some of the most popular mobile devices and accessories from favorite brands like Apple and Samsung. The company offers many different types of plans, including some without a contract requirement. A quick call to EE can help customers find the exact mobile offer they’re looking for.


Contact EE for help with the following:

-Mobile phone service

-Broadband and fibre broadband

-Tablet and data tariffs

-Home phone service


-4GEE Action cam

-Many other concerns and questions

Customer service representatives can be reached by phoning the EE number from 8am through 8pm on Monday through Friday. They’re also available on Saturday and Sunday from 8am through 6pm. Many general questions can be answered through the EE website, email or social media. They have a self-help section on their site that can help with many of the most common issues. General questions that don’t require an immediate answer can be asked through an email or by contacting EE on one of their social media pages. If a customers’ question can’t be answered in one of these ways, a call to the customer support should be able to help.

Accounts & Billing

If a customer has questions or concerns about a current bill, it can be most helpful to call the EE phone number for assistance. They can also help with setting up and submitting payments through various methods. Customers who are concerned about a change on their bill can call for an explanation of the charges and to find out what to expect with future bills. A representative can also help update account information like an address change, change of automatic payment or other important changes.

Many customers become very concerned when they receive a bill that was higher than expected. These types of bills can be explained by customer service representatives to clear up any confusion with the billing process. It’s important for customers to know that these unexpected bills may come for a variety of different reasons. They most often happen when a customer exceeds their data limits or phone usage limits. EE customer service can help with choosing a plan that better suits the customers’ needs so the situation doesn’t happen again.

Technical Support

A call to the EE customer service number can help when a customer is having issues with service or with their device. If internet is slow is having connection problems, a customer support rep may be able to fix the issue over the phone. They can also set up a service appointment for the home if needed. The EE helpline can be used to report problems with network services, 4GEE, Wi-Fi and devices that were purchased from the company.

Broadband and Fibre Services

EE contact is recommended for customers who wish to know about the internet services provided by the company. They offer both broadband and fibre services depending on the needs of the individual. Current customers of EE who experience a problem with connecting to their internet, slow internet speed or questions about their router can also call customer service for assistance. In many cases these issues can be resolved through the self-help section on their website or over the phone. For further help, customer service can sent out a tech to fix the issue. The company has much experience in providing quality internet services and fixing problems quickly when they arise as they currently provide internet to over 85% of the UK.

Customers who don’t live in an area that is accessible by fibre internet services can still get regular broadband at their home or workplace. It can deliver speeds up to 17MB. Anyone who requires a high speed may be in an area where they can sign up for 4G instead. Customers who sign up for fibre services will receive a special router with built-in security for protection. Services can also be bundled to save on monthly costs. Customer service representatives can help set up any of these services. Call the EE phone number shown here to learn more.

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