If you would like to call the EDF helpline, the following EDF contact number 0870 280 9337 is one of the best to call. To find out more information EDF please visit their official website you can find below.

EDF Contact Number
0870 280 9337

EDF Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9337
Complaints 0870 280 9337

EDF, one of the Big Six, is also one of the largest energy providers in the UK. They supply their services to over 6 million homes and businesses and they provide 20% of the energy in the UK, making them the largest supplier by volume. EDF Energy is part of the EDF Group, a leader in power services around the globe. EDF first began to invest in the competitive energy industry in 1998 and has since grown to have over 15,000 employees currently. Dial the EDF contact number listed here for additional information.

Customer Service

EDF is proud of the high quality customer services they provide. Representatives are available to speak with prospective customers to answer any questions they may have about beginning new service. They’re also there to provide current customers with assistance with issues or to answer any questions about their account. EDF contact via phone is an option Monday through Friday 8 AM through 8 PM. They’re also open on Saturday from 8 AM through 2 PM. The customer service center is closed on Sundays and bank holidays. When a future or current customer has a question or issue, the quickest was for help is to call EDF. The average call length for an EDF call is less than 7 minutes, faster than 3 of the other companies listed among the ‘Big Six’.

Some of the most common reasons to call EDF customer service are:

-General inquiries

-Questions about accounts and billing

-Information on the latest tariffs and pricing

-Advice and help on saving energy

-Filing a complaint with EDF

-Questions from new or existing customers

EDF Energy Tariffs

Residential and business customers of EDF can choose from two different tariffs, fixed and variable. The company predominantly works with SMEs but they also supply the gas and electric services for many larger corporations in the UK. EDF works closely with their commercial customers to help them find the best energy solution for their business. They work will all sizes of businesses to offer choices to their customers to provide individualized service for each residential or business account. Customers have choices with different tariffs, contracts and other EDF options, to ensure they have the exact energy service they need.

Business Services

Larger businesses can call the EDF Energy contact number to find out about negotiating their contracts on an individual basis. Many of the large business accounts with EDF are done this way as it benefits everyone involved. Because EDF is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity to the UK, they can easily accommodate even the biggest businesses with their demanding energy needs. Speaking with a customer service representative can help the business find information on the different tariffs that are offered.

Via EDF Energy contact, business owners can discuss their specific needs to ensure that services will meet their power needs. Past business customers have been very pleased with what they receive with their EDF account. These happy customers help to provide positive reviews for prospective business customers. EDF has low energy rates, possibly not the lowest, but customers can call the EDF phone number for an exact quote.

Reporting Problems

Anytime a problem or concern arises, a customer should call the EDF Energy phone number to resolve the issue. Existing customers can submit a contact request online to have a representative contact them at a convenient time. For customers who wish to speak with a representative directly, rather than use the online form, it’s best to call the EDF customer service number during regular business hours. The call can them be directed to the appropriate department for quicker service. Problems like an issue with service can be reported after hours by using the emergency contact number which can be used 24 hours a day.

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For those who wish to phone the Npower team, the Npower contact number 0870 280 9336 is one of the best telephone numbers to call. To get any further information about Npower please check their official website you can find below.

Npower Contact Number
0870 280 9336

Npower Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9336
Complaints 0870 280 9336

Npower provides electricity and gas services to both residential and business customers. The UK based company has their own power stations, allowing them to generate and supply services that their customers can afford. Npower is one of the largest power supplying companies in the UK. Recent surveys of past and present Npower customers show that many have had issues with the company’s services. Even with the complaints, they are still widely used by commercial and residential consumers as their main energy provider because of their competitive rates. Npower contact is the best way to learn more about the company and its services.

Customer Service

When customers need to contact Npower customer service, it’s usually best to call to speak with a representative. Customer service agents can help with answer many different questions and can likely resolve the most common problems over the phone. The customer service phone lines are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM through 5:30 PM. On Friday, you can call from 8:30 AM through 5 PM. Customers who have general questions can also check the website for answers or can email the company. They can also be reached through social media, with Twitter being a better method than Facebook.

Some of the most common reasons to call the Npower contact number include the following:

-To switch to or from Npower services

-To learn more about the company’s tariffs

-To update account or billing information

-To submit a meter reading

-To file a complaint

-To renew or cancel an energy tariff

New Service

The energy industry is competitive and this is providing customers with more opportunities than ever to choose their energy provider based on rates and services. Switching providers is usually quite simple, but the process comes with what is called a “cooling off” period that the customer must wait through before making the switch. Anyone who has specific questions about switching to or from Npower energy can phone the Npower phone number to request assistance. They can help explain the process and tell how long it may take to complete the switch. Npower customer services can also help with information about costs or fees that may be associated with switching providers.

Relocating Service

Npower can help anyone who is moving to a new home get their services transferred over quickly to the new address. It’s important that a customer calls the Npower number 10 days before the switch needs to be made. The customer needs to provide all relevant information to both the old and new homes like both addresses and postal codes. Npower also needs information on the property owner at the new address, phone numbers, account numbers for current customers as well as the last meter reading, and most importantly the moving date. Those who are moving to a rented property should also provide information on the landlord or letting agent.

Meter Information

Customers can also call the Npower telephone number for information on reading their meter correctly, to provide readings over the phone or through the other methods. Representatives can help with information on taking a proper reading as well as how to get a new prepayment card or key, and how to claim refunds that may be owed on prepayment meter reading credits. Anyone who has an issue with paying their bill can also call the Npower complaints department for assistance. They can help customers understand ways to reduce usage and reduce their bill.

Npower for Business

Npower provides gas and electricity services to homes as well as businesses and all of their customers. They use several sources for providing power to their customers including: coal, oil-power stations and natural gas. The company also operates a co-generation portfolio of power plants for more energy options. They are one of the top five energy providers in Europe and are part of the RWG group. Contact Npower for information and rate quotes.

Other Ways To Get In Touch With Npower

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Scottish Power

If you want to ring the Scottish Power service consultant, this Scottish Power contact number 0870 280 9331 can be phoned. To find out more information Scottish Power please visit their official website you can find below.

Scottish Power Contact Number
0870 280 9331

Scottish Power Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0870 280 9331
Complaints 0870 280 9331

For residents of Scotland, Scottish Power, a private company, is usually their first choice when selecting an energy company. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, the company provides electricity distribution, generation, and transmission to commercial and residential properties all over the United Kingdom. Additionally, the company supplies natural gas to UK homes and businesses, as well as enough power for the entire country of Great Britain. Although Scottish Power primarily deals with UK customers, they are responsible for some holding companies in the United States.

Customer Service

​The Scottish Power contact number found here allows you to connect with the main switchboard, where you will need to choose from a selection for your call to be routed to the right customer service department. Customers also have the option of using social media or email to get answers to a variety of common questions, though the reply tends to be much slower.  The Scottish Power telephone number found here can be used to establish new service, make changes to the payment information on your personal account, and ask questions regarding switching service. Scottish Power customers have the ability to report emergency situations or issues with their service at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Scottish Power ensures there are staff members in their office every day to help answer customer questions and concerns. Some of the most common reasons for Scottish Power contact include:

-Paying on an outstanding bill

-Querying about a bill they have received

-Registering a complaint about some aspect of their service

-Asking about changing their current service plan

-Turning off services or establishing new service

-Transferring services when moving home

When you use the Scottish Power phone number on this site, you’ll be able to get an answer to your question, regardless of what it may concern. Scottish Power customer services are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm. In addition, Scottish Power customers can use standard post, social media, and/or email to contact the company. Emails can be sent through the company’s official website, using the email address that the Scottish Power customer service department will need to use to contact you back.

Energy Services

​As most large energy suppliers do, Scottish Power allows you to choose one fuel or two. Additionally, Scottish Power offers a variety of appealing offers for residential users, such as 20% off your gas bill with Scottish Power Connect. The company also allows customers to pay a small monthly payment to protect their boiler. When it comes to energy efficiency technology, Scottish Power has proven to be an industry leader by offering smart meters, which provide a smarter way to monitor energy usage in your home or business.

Over the years, Scottish Power has developed a reputation for being a reliable and stable energy provider. If you are a business energy user, contact Scottish Power to learn about their variety of energy solutions. If you own a small to medium sized business, a fixed rate energy contract will likely be the most cost effective option for you. Scottish Power also offers energy service for house builders, as well as customer energy service. Overall, Scottish Power has the ability to provide a fully featured energy solution for your business. For further information, including details on their energy tariffs, Scottish Power contact is recommended.

Emergencies & Complaints

​In the event you experience an emergency situation related to your electric or gas service, report it by calling the Scottish Power customer service number immediately. While you do have the option of using other contact methods, it is highly suggested you report your emergency over the phone. Possible emergencies you may encounter include faulty electrical service, gas leaks, and more. Calling the phone number for Scottish Power allows you to contact a team member who can help you get to the root of your problem and dispatch a repair person if necessary.

​Again, you can contact Scottish Power with a complaint over the phone or online. The company website provides instructions for submitting a complaint. If you prefer to email a complaint directly, you will need to send an email that details your problem to email address: customer.service@scottishpower.co.uk. Customer complaint calls can be submitted by calling the Scottish Power number listed here Monday through Friday from 8amto 10pm and Saturday from 8:30am to 6pm. If you have a complaint outside of these hours, you will need to contact the company via email.

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